This is a good question. People don’t understand that center politics is probably the best option you can find today. There are advantages of left and right politics, but each of them has their flaws. If you think about it, you will see that combining left theories and right theories; you can make a great solution. The result is center politics. The best thing that you have with center politics is that you are moderate in everything. No one can call you an extremist whether you are left or right. Today, there aren’t any extremists, to be honest. Extreme left-wing parties and right-wing parties are nowhere to be found. You can probably find some movements who are illegal, but that is a different story. The most important thing is that centrist parties and movements are probably the ideal things you can find in politics.
Center Politics
As we all know, you will usually see that leftists and rightists will attack each other, and will usually say that the right ones are exploiting people and their health for money (which is true in a sense) and the right ones will say that the left ones live in a world of imaginary land where everything is perfect (which is also true). To remove the bad things from each of these ideologies, you need to combine them. You need to combine only the good things from each of these ideologies. When you mix that, you will have the perfect ideology which will take care left citizens and right citizens. Moderation is key to normal society. Moderation is the most important thing in all aspects of life including politics.

Choose wisely

If you don’t know what to choose, always choose a party that has centrist views or at least has the most centrist views in their policy. This is a normal thing, and this is a party that will have a normal political ideology that supports the democratic state of things. You need to understand that far parties are not a good option whichever side they take. Always have moderation to have the best possible relations with every human in your state and your town. They might be far extreme, but when they see you how moderate you are and how well you adapt, they will thing about it. You have done your part.


Always choose a normal moderate policy because the state of Oregon is a normal moderate and democratic state. We all want to live together in a country that is full of tolerance and respect. Being centrist is usually being liberal on a political scale. This is the ideal position. The very center of the center. Centrist liberalism is the best option.