You have probably heard that liberalism is not that god and that it’s too much free and liberal so to speak. Usually, people don’t understand the difference between liberalism and libertarianism. Liberalism is a centrist philosophy while libertarianism can be a right wing and left wing libertarianism. The core of liberalism is that it is a centrist ideology. When we say liberalism, we mean that it can be a left variant such as social democracy or it can be a right version of liberal capitalism. But if we say liberalism, we mean a centrist theory. And we can say that this theory is probably the best one out there. We will explain why.Liberalism

Liberalism and centrist ideologies

When people want to know about centrism and why it is so great, answers are nowhere to be found. First of all, this is a mixture of left and right theories. When you use the best things from capitalism and socialism, you will have an ideal combination of liberalism. You will have a free market, and also you will have a welfare state, in their lighter options of course. This is an ideal ideology because you can combine the best of both worlds and eliminate the bad things of both worlds. This ideology is also known as the third-way ideology.


To understand how politics work, you will need to do your research a little. Being a centrist is the best thing you can do in any state because you can adjust and be very flexible. On the other hand, you can show to others that being moderate is the best thing that can happen. Being moderate is the core of stable and normal society.