PoliticsThis is a question that everyone asks. It is a normal question since people don’t understand the difference between the left and the right. These are the directions on the political scale. When we say left or right, we usually mean that it is a left or right economic way. Center politics is something in between. Left-wing parties usually advocate socialist type of state or a “welfare state” where the state takes care of its citizens. When we say right wing economy, we usually mean that the state doesn’t intervene in anything and the individual needs to take care of himself/herself. This is a situation where each citizen can decide whether he/she wants something or not. In a socialist state, you need to take or don’t take the things state says you have to do or not to do. In a right economy, you can choose.

Each of these philosophies has pros and cons. When we say left or right in the political specter, left is usually libertarian or “free” whereas the right wing is usually “totalitarian.” To understand the center here, you can also see that the center is in the middle of these two. As you can see, the center is the best option in every situation. When we say centrism, we usually mean liberalism. There are right liberals and left liberals. All in all, liberalism is the best centrist ideology and of course the best ideology.

Centrism is the way to go

If you want to adapt to different people and different ideologies, your best ticket is to be a centrist. This is the way to understand all possible ideologies and to understand all those people who are divided. We tend to live in a modern democratic society with equal rights for everybody. You will see some extremists whether they are left or right. Your example is the best way to show them that left and right ideologies can blend.


If you choose to be a liberal, you know that it is the right thing to do. Freedom is a must in a democratic society, but we know that freedom is a good thing as long as you don’t take someone else’s freedom. It is the only way in which our society can work. Being moderate in everything is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and others. Moderation is key. Oregon is a state with many different people, many different cultures. We need to be moderate in everything and respect others. This is what centrism is all about.